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Staying on Top of It = Power

Three different experiences and conversations – seemingly unrelated – have led me to muse about the concept captured by the title of this post:

  1. Staying ahead of the pain. 
    After a surgery or an injury, they tell you to stay ahead of the pain. I never really understood that until a minor surgery gave me that experience.  I am a fairly stoic person when it comes to physical discomfort and I try not to take strong pharmaceuticals. However, I learned how much sense it made to “stay ahead of the pain.” To take a few painkillers when the pain would likely be worst meant that the rest of my body could relax. Instead of fighting the pain, my body could concentrate on healing. Otherwise there would be a moment when I’d cross a line and then, not only would I feel really bad, but healing would have become harder because my body would have been weakened by struggling against pain and discomfort.
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