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Listening Well Can Repair the World

Happy New Year to all! This post focuses on the quotations that are the basis of this year’s New Year’s e-card and animation: a series of quotes about “listening.” If you haven’t seen my card, you might want to now

Why quotes about “listening”? I wrote a blog post last year about listening called “Listen as if Your Life Depended on it.” Why another? Because I have continued to ponder the subtleties and challenges of listening well. And because I really think that if we listen well, with love, we can repair the world.

We so often have multiple things going on simultaneously that require our attention. What does it take to focus our attention and to be really present in order to listen deeply? And what is the benefit?

Well, let’s take Dave Isay’s quote: “Listening is an act of love.” If you have not heard Story Corps, I suggest you visit the StoryCorps website, tune into a StoryCorps broadcast on NPR, or go to their YouTube channel and watch a few videos. What I love about Story Corps is that people take the risk to talk to one another about experiences and feelings that really matter to them. I am often brought to tears when I listen. These short conversations are between people of different ages, cultures, places, experiences, all speaking wholeheartedly and allowing themselves to be vulnerable. All of a sudden, they and we are connecting about the stuff of life that really matters. Imagine if more of us had that experience more of the time… Continue reading ‘Listening Well Can Repair the World’

Question for the End of Summer

Drawing by Martha Lask

The full poem by Mary Oliver is no longer available at an authorized online source.

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