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A Brave and Startling Truth

Happy New Year to all! This post focuses on an excerpt from the stunning poem by Maya Angelou called “A Brave and Startling Truth.” If you haven’t seen my card, you might want to look at it now……

I am always moved to tears when I read this poem or hear it read. I chose it this year because of its magnitude and profundity.

Over time, it has seemed to me that acts of hate arise from fear. We are fearful of people and practices and beliefs that are unfamiliar. Differences pose a threat to our accustomed way of life; differences challenge us to examine our beliefs and values and/or cause us to question ourselves or our upbringing. Continue reading ‘A Brave and Startling Truth’

Reflection time

What happens when we don’t have any time to think?  It seems that I periodically rush from one thing to another without a pause – not a moment to reflect on how I am or why I’m rushing.  And I know that I am not alone. I hear this from my clients as well.  What’s the virtue of knowing “how we are” in any given moment? Some people might call this “contemplating one’s navel,” meaning that it’s self-indulgent. Continue reading ‘Reflection time’

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